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In Loving Memory


Iann L Murray


We lost a dear member of our music family yesterday, our brother Iann Murray.  Iann had bravely been undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer over the past year.  Our hearts are so heavy and so full of love as we remember this brilliant guitarist and best of friends.  He was so much fun to jam with!  Back in 2018, we were searching for a bass player and were so lucky when Thomas Welsh, frontman of Sun Divide, joined up and brought his amazing talent and love to our project.  The next year our brother Zach began a slow transition out of the band and Thomas recommended we talk with Iann the guitarist of Sun Divide.  Thus Iann became a shredding, face-melting, rock-your-socks-off Hardy Brother.  He was such a kind, hilarious, loyal, talented human being, and we are so fortunate to have spent the time, created the music, and made the memories we did with him.  Our deepest love goes out to his family, friends, and our extended music family.  We have had Sun Divide's songs blasting on repeat!


We know you are shredding the cosmos, Iann.  We love you and miss you.  You were and always will be a Hardy Brother.


Jason Pablo Lawner


It is with the heaviest and fullest of hearts that we mourn the passing of our friend, bandmate, and brother Jason Lawner.  The hurt and sadness cut sharp and deep, showing just how much of a mark this amazing and loving soul etched out on our lives.  He was so full of life, joy, and passion.  He was always up for it.  He was always there to listen.  He was always there to create.  He was always there to jam.  He was always there to hang.  He was always there with a hug, a smile, a drink, a sharp-looking hat, and his trumpet.  He was so talented and lifted up everyone around him.  We are so sad and gutted at this loss.  Our hearts are with his partner Sarah and their families.


Jason, you were and always will be a Hardy Brother.  We love you so much bro.

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